Family Based Petitions

Marriage to U.S. Citizen

A foreign national of a U.S. citizen can qualify for a green card as an immediate relative. It should be noted that when a foreign national spouse of a U.S. citizen obtains permanent resident status before the second year anniversary of the marriage, then that green card is subject to conditional grant of residency for two years. (In order to convert the conditional residence into permanent residence, the foreign national spouse must file a petition to remove conditional resident status).

Applying for Permanent Residence

  1. Adjustment of Status – If you are already present in the United States, you can adjust your nonimmigrant status to permanent resident status.

    Learn more about the Adjustment of Status Process

  2. Consular Processing – If you are outside the United States, you must apply for Consular Processing of an immigrant visa at the American Consulate nearest to your permanent residence once the green card petition is approved.


Marriage to a Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card holder)

Spouses of lawful permanent residents are eligible for Green Cards under family second preference category (F2A).