Naturalization and Citizenship

Being a naturalized citizen in the United States has benefits over being a permanent resident. If you or a family member is interested in becoming a naturalized citizen, the following list of requirements below will help you determine if you are eligible.

Requirements to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

  • You must be a legal permanent resident and at least 18 years old.
  • You must have had a green card for 5 years before applying for naturalization. If you are married to a US citizen, you must have been married for 3 years to a U.S.C. and made your lawful permanent residence status for 3 years before applying.
  • Except in certain cases, you must not have lived outside of the United States for more than 6 months before applying.
  • Except in certain cases, you must be able to speak, read, and write English.
  • You must know basic United States history and government.
  • You must be a person of good moral character.
  • You must not have been convicted of certain crimes that bar you from eligibility.

For additional detailed information regarding the naturalization exam and overview of the naturalization process please take a look at: Guide to Naturalization